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Ep. 19: Sorry Grandma

We talked about the protests that have been going on this year, the covid pandemic, Chadwick Boseman passing away (May he rest in peace), and how we are getting bored with all of the super hero movies.

Ep 18: The Goofiness is Here

We talk about always feeling like we can't do something right, and our thoughts on the protests due to police brutality. Please subscribe to the podcast if you enjoy listening to it! Thanks!

Ep 17: TV Series Mani

Ep 16: The Corona Shopping Spree (Recorded on 3-15-20)

(Viewer Discretion is advised) We discuss the panic of people hoarding things such as toilet paper and food due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has only gotten worse since we recorded this episode. We also talk about the Star Wars series the Mandalorian, Birds of Prey (DC movie), and whether we are more excited for more content from DC or Marvel.

Ep. 15: The Trio Combination

We talk about the controversial Super Bowl halftime show, the death of Kobe Bryant, and movies and show that we are looking forward to watching! More new episodes coming soon! We are going to try to do new episodes once a month or so. Thanks for your support!

Ep. 14: Rise of Tater Tot Tatro

Bryce Tatro and Brycen Rogers review the latest Star Wars movie called " Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker." Please remember to subscribe to the podcast if you enjoy listening to it! We REALLY do appreciate the support of our listeners!

Ep. 13: Plethora of Move Talk

We discuss several movies that Bryce Tatro has watched since episode 12 of this podcast, some of our theories for the next Star Wars movie (The Rise of Skywalker), we talk about Antonio Brown and his rape allegations, and the first Seahawks and Packers game of the NFL football season. Article talking about the new Christopher Nolan movie called "Tenet":

Ep. 12: Deep Into The Emotional Abyss

Bryce Tatro and I (Brycen Rogers) discuss what has been on our minds since the last time we recorded an episode! Give this very hilarious episode of the podcast a listen, and please let us know what you think! Thanks! Can send any comments or questions to:

EP. 11: Jordie Invades

We have Bryce Tatro's awesome friend Jordie on the podcast as a guest. Tatro just can't seem to like any of the latest Marvel movies. So we discussed our thoughts on Captain Marvel, and many more random subjects! Please subscribe to the podcast, and share it with anyone who you think might like it! Any support is very much needed and appreciated! Thanks. You can always send us any feedback or questions at:

Ep. 10: Tatro's Star Wars Theories

We talked about Tatro's Star Wars theories, and very many more subjects!

Ep 9: Food Talk Galore

We discuss some of our favorite restaurants, having boners in public, and many other topics! New episodes coming soon! This episode was recorded on 1-22-19.

Ep. 8: My Injured Puppy

I talk about my poor puppy accidentally getting hit by a truck, Republicans obsession with the border wall, and a few other topics! Thanks for listening! Please support the podcast by sharing it with anyone that you think might like it! Thanks. Link to Jame's YouTube Channel: You can always send me an email at:

Ep. 7: The New Year Is Here

The new year is here! Tatro and I (Brycen Rogers) discuss what we think about New Year's resolutions, some of our favorite Weird Al songs, and many other topics! Please share our podcast with anyone that you think might like it! We can use all the support that we can get! Thanks so much to those that do listen. We really do appreciate it! You can send us an email or any tips at

Ep. 6: LeRoy Joins In!

This is episode 6 of the MilesRambling Podcast. LeRoy, Bryce Tatro, and I (Brycen Rogers) discuss relationships, people being offended by the song "Baby It's Cold Outside!", and many other topics!

Ep. 5: Tatro Passes Wind

This is obviously episode 5 of the hilarious MilesRambling podcast with the future famous musician Bryce Tatro, and the crazy Brycen Rogers. We talk about sports, movies that freaked us out when we were kids, and many other random topics. Please subscribe for more future episodes!

Ep 4: Thanksgiving Week At My Cabin

I talk about spending a few days of my Thanksgiving break at my family's cabin, some politics, and the Packers/Vikings football game. You can always email me at

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